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Work-Life Balance – Is it Possible in Motherhood?

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Everyone always strives for work-life balance.

It’s the ultimate goal, right?

Here’s the truth about work-life balance though… It’s a myth; a unicorn.

True balance isn’t possible; just like multitasking actually is a myth. You’re really just switching your focus and attention back and forth between different topics quickly. And research has shown that it’s not effective in helping you get more done.

Instead, Work-Life Balance should be called the Work-Life Juggle.

It’s a give and take. Part of the time, you work. Part of the time, you play. There’s no true balance; no miraculous place you get to where you have everything perfectly in balance.

So what can we do to get close to the elusive work life balance?

Be All In | Conquering the Elusive Work Life Balance

Try to be all in, with whatever you’re doing. Give whatever you’re doing right now 100% rather than always thinking about what you have to do next or what you wish you were doing instead. Then, move on to the next thing once you’re done.

Keep your head where your feet are.

This is hard for me. I’m constantly thinking about the next thing. I have a very busy mind and I have a hard time staying fully invested and present in what I’m doing. When I’m with Raleigh, I wish I was working. And when I’m working at night, I wish I was sleeping. It’s a vicious cycle.

But all we can do is our best.

Be aware of the cycle of wanting to be or do something other than where we are right now, and try to be as present and focused as we can.

Work when you can work. Play with your kids when you can. And give yourself grace in between.

This applies to moms who work outside of the home, stay-at-home moms who work on the side, and it also applies to stay-at-home moms who don’t have an outside job. The same thing can apply to non-work related chores, or even hobbies or self care. You want to be cleaning the house but your kid wants you to read that book again. (The one you’ve already read 724 times today.) Or maybe you know the laundry needs to be put away, but you really just want to watch the show on your DVR. Do what you can, when you can, and give yourself grace in the middle.

Just like the truth that true multitasking is actually impossible, true work-life balance is too. Instead, it’s a give and take; a juggle between our responsibilities, priorities and desires.

But we can all do the work-life juggle better by working hard to keep our feet and our heads in the same place, at the same time. Be all in; present with what you’re doing, when you’re doing it.

When you’re working, keep your mind on your work and get things done. When you’re with your family, keep your mind with them, focused on what’s in front of you.

Head and feet in the same place. THAT is our goal.

Work Life Balance in Motherhood - Is it even possible?

Laura Radniecki | Up North Parent | Inspiring Thriving Families and Strong Communities | Brainerd, Minnesota

Laura is a motherhood blogger and photographer from the Brainerd Lakes Area in Minnesota. Her mission is to seek joy in the midst of motherhood, and encourage other mamas to do the same. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Matt, a mama to their firstborn son, Raleigh, and a dog-mama to their feisty 6lb toy poodle, Remy. She spends her days chasing after them, while daydreaming about naps, crafts, and donuts with sprinkles. She writes at

3 thoughts on “Work-Life Balance – Is it Possible in Motherhood?

  1. You can have it all!!! Just not all at once! Head and feet in the same place is a great way to think of everything!! Thanks for the reminder and tips!!
    My kids are grown and I’m still struggling to prioritize and be present!
    Especially at Christmas, enJOY the process!

  2. It’s a struggle that I know I’ve faced. Showing ourselves grace really is important to maintaining balance. Congrats, you’re featured at the This Is How We Roll Link Party.

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