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The Most Important Part of Back-to-School… Eye Exams!

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Guest post by Dr. Kristel Schamber Lakes Area Eyecare of Baxter, MN; one of Up North Parent’s Sponsors.

As much as we hate to admit it…summer is waning and autumn is on the way.

And with this season comes another predictable fact of life; back to school!

As the stores fill their shelves with brightly colored pens, notebooks, and blingy locker accessories, Lakes Area Eyecare would like to remind parents about one of the most important back-to-school tasks; Eye Exams.

Eye Exams Help Kids Be Ready To LEARN

Eighty percent of what a child learns comes through their eyes! Eighty! So obviously having an undiagnosed vision problem could greatly affect your child’s ability to learn.

The best way to do this is to start early.

A child’s first eye exam should be before 1 year of age, then preschool, then before kindergarten with yearly exams after that if there are no other reasons for more frequent exams.

A child does not always know what they should be seeing, so often times there are no complaints from the child.

Otherwise, some things to watch for are difficulty concentrating on school work, poor reading comprehension, headaches, blinking, frequent eye rubbing or squinting.

Lakes Area Eyecare, Brainerd Minnesota | Up North Parent

I am happy to say that many of our patients are school-aged and we strive to always make our eye exams fun and painless.

Mom and Dad always appreciate our affordable rates and our vast selection of “trendy” and kid-friendly frames!

Lakes Area Eyecare in Brainerd, MN | Quality Sunglasses All Year Long

At Lakes Area Eyecare we do thorough comprehensive eye examination with dilation that will detect potential sight-threatening conditions.  We will look at color blindness, eye disease, need for eyewear, eye teaming and depth perception among other things.

Before school starts, now is a good time to get your child’s vision system checked out to ensure a positive start to the school year!

For more information, visit Lakes Area Eyecare on the web or on Facebook.

Written by: Kristel Schamber, O.D. {Mother of 3 spunky little girls}

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***A Note to Parents from UpNoPa Mom Becky: If your child is shy, overly sensitive or fearful of going to the eye doctor, sit down together and read our in-depth article about Lakes Area Eyecare’s gentle and attentive eye exam process for kids. My (Becky’s) daughter definitely falls into the above category and she was completely at ease with Dr. Schamber and the rest of the amazing team at Lakes Area Eyecare!

The Most Important Part of Back-to-School... Eye Exams! | Back to School Eye Exams

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