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Welcome! Meet the Up North Parent Team

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Welcome to Up North Parent!

We are happy you are here. 🙂

So who are we? Becky, Beth & Laura are three moms from small-town Minnesota with a burning passion for thriving families, strong communities, and making memories. Fueled by caffeine, sisterhood, ambitions and lengthy text threads.

What is Up North Parent?

Well, in a nutshell we are:

A mom-owned brand and website with an Up North focus.

A vibrant and fun place for parents to find advice, reviews, tips and encouragement so they can navigate parenthood well, and live life easier.

A group of hard-working women who believe in thriving families and strong communities, and provide inspiration for both.

How It All Began:

We’d love to share some crazy-cool story about how we all met up in Hollywood during the filming of  The Oprah Winfrey show and guest Brene Brown told us that she simply has to work with us…

…BUT the reality is that we’ve known each other for years and it finally clicked that we had TONS in common, a boatload of spunk and ambition, and a healthy side-order of wanting to nurture and support fellow parents like ourselves. We also noted that each one of us is in a different place in our parenthood journey and each of us bring a very unique and special set of life experiences to the table. In many cases, and in ours especially, the sum is greater than the total of its parts.

Did we mention that all three of us are uber creative and driven?

So that’s the truth on how Up North Parent began. It was a seed of an idea that sprouted during a “mom gathering” one morning in a mall play center. During that fun morning the concept of Up North Parent was imagined, created and scribbled onto bits of paper and sent in emails to ourselves.

Up North Parent might have been born from our brains and hearts, but we did it with you in mind; parents just like us who try hard, fail, pick ourselves back up, win, smile, cry and laugh. We have moments of Epic Parent Fails, but just as many moments of clarity, pride and knowing that we are doing the very best we can. Just like you.

Meet the Up North Parent Team:

About Becky Flansburg | Meet the Up North Parent Team

Hey, I am Becky Flansburg!

I am an “old-ish” mom of “young-ish” kids who thinks bacon is the world’s most perfect food. I am a veteran blogger, freelance writer, virtual assistant and project manager for the non-profit children’s literacy event, Multicultural Children’s Book Day. I am also a proud mom to my amazing 11 year-old daughter Sara and 14 year-old son Jake. Parenting a tween and a teen is a challenge, but I truly believe that being a mom is the Best.Thing.Ever. When I am not hiking, reading, thrifting, playing with my pets or working on a story for the various magazines I write for, you can find me on my main blog, Franticmommy, on my mommy blog, Mom Squad Central or on social media: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook!

About Beth Hardinger | Meet the Up North Parent Team

Hello, I am Beth Hardinger!

I am a single mom, Down syndrome advocate, writer of unpublished YA fiction, hobbyist photographer, planner addict and coffee drinker. I live in the Brainerd Lakes Area with my three daughters. I enjoy fishing with my girls, bacon, re-reading the Harry Potter series and binge-watching Parks & Rec while eating s’mores. I blog at Beth Hardinger Blog.

Laura Radniecki | Meet the Up North Parent Team

Hi there, I am Laura Radniecki!

I am a motherhood blogger and photographer from the Brainerd Lakes Area in Minnesota. My mission is to seek joy in the midst of motherhood, and encourage other mamas to do the same.

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Matt, a mama to our firstborn son, Raleigh, and a dog-mama to our feisty 6lb toy poodle, Remy.

I spend my days chasing after them, while daydreaming about naps and Dairy Queen. I write at

You can read more about Becky, Beth and Laura on their About pages.

So please, come back often! Follow along, learn lots and let us know what topics you’d like to see covered. To stay in the loop, and never miss any updates, sign up for our email list, the UpNoPa Tribe below.

Becky, Beth & Laura

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