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The Power of Play | A Critical Part of Children’s Growth and Development

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Parents spend a good portion of their time at work, earning money needed for their family and creating their career path.

Children, on the other hand, either spend their time in school or at their “job” which just so happens to be playing.

Playtime may seem like a happy and light-hearted essential part of life for our wee ones, but in reality, it is a critical piece of their growth and development.

The Power of Play

Young children need to have time for unstructured play; play where they can pretend to be whatever they want without input from adults.

Even though our lives are incredibly hectic and full, parents need to give kids the time and space to participate in this type of play.


Because little ones learn as they play and as they cultivate their imagination. As they practice making decisions and create roles in their playtime world, they also grow in confidence and resilience.

Create a Special Place to Play

A great way to encourage free play is to create a special place where kids can pretend and let their imaginations run wild.

It could be an indoor space like a playroom or a creativity corner, or an outdoor play space where they can indulge in nature and spend time looking for bugs and chasing after butterflies.

Either way, ask your children what their ‘dream’ play area would include and then try to incorporate those ideas into space you create.

– – – – –

There is so much to think about when trying to figure out how to build an indoor or outdoor play space for your young children.

Safety is going to be a primary concern, but don’t forget to ask your children what they want and try to use those ideas when the plans are made.

As parents, sometimes we need to put aside our logic and let our imagination run free.

The power of play is undeniable.

Our children’s playtime is not only healing, but it’s also a crucial way for them to learn about their world as well.

The Power of Play _ A Critical Part of Children's Growth and Development

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