The Best Fall Family Activities

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Now that the weather is cooling off and school is back in session, fall is knocking at our door.

For many people, fall is their favorite season of all. They love the cooler weather, beautiful leaves, coziness of the autumn wardrobe, and the start of the holiday season.

I love fall too, but since I live in Minnesota, it’s ALWAYS too short.

It’s such a precious time of year that I try my absolute hardest to soak it all in.

There are a lot of awesome ways to spend time as a family in the fall; activities that often aren’t possible in the summer time.

We’ve got a list of the best fall family activities for you today, to help you make the most out of the beautiful fall season!

The Best Fall Family Activities

The Best Fall Family Activities

Outdoor Walks or Hikes – Now that the weather is cooling off, the bugs might not be as bad anymore. And surely a walk outside is a lot more pleasant temperature-wise in September than it is in July. Make the most of the cooler weather and less bugs with walks or hikes outside!

Playing at the Park – This is sometime we do a lot in the summer but it’s often too hot to really enjoy it. The summer heat makes the equipment super hot, and I spend half the park time worrying about my son burning his skin or getting overheated.

The cooler fall weather provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxed park trip. A bonus for stay at home moms like me is the parks are a lot less busy during the week once school starts back up again.

The Best Fall Family Activities

Trips to the Zoo or Amusement Park – A lot of zoos, amusement parks and other attractions close in the fall (at least they do in Minnesota with the winter coming), but many of them are open for a few weeks after Labor Day.

Those last remaining weeks of the season are a great time to enjoy your favorite attractions in the cooler weather, with less crowds. Plus, it helps feel like you’re squeezing the last drops of fun out of the season before the snow flies.

Go for a Leaf Drive – If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where the leaves change color, it’s so fun to take a drive to look at the trees. It depends on the conditions each season, but typically, our best color happens at the very end of September into the first week or two of October.

We love to drive around, looking for the yellows, oranges and brilliant reds of the fall leaves.

The Best Fall Family Activities

Apple Picking – Visiting an apple orchard is a fall tradition that is on many family’s list. To me, nothing quite says “Fall” like a trip to the apple orchard.

The Best Fall Family Activities

Visit a Pumpkin Patch – I take it back, visiting a pumpkin patch is pretty quintessentially FALL as well. And I love it!

The Best Fall Family Activities

The weather is usually nice enough to enjoy the outing without too many layers of clothes, and there’s something fun about crunching around on the fallen leaves, looking for the perfect pumpkin to take home to carve. (Or decorate the front porch with.)

Have Family Photos Taken – I’ve spent most of the last 10 years as a professional photographer, so I’m very familiar with the rush of portrait sessions that happen every year when the weather cools down and the leaves begin to change.

The fall is the perfect time to have family photos taken because not only is the weather more comfortable and the background gorgeous, but it allows you to have the perfect photo ready for Christmas cards in a month or two!

The Best Fall Family Activities

Depending on where you live and the activities that take place in the fall months, you might have additional choices for family fun in the fall.

But these seven ideas will help you get outside and make the most of the awesome, precious season of fall!

The Best Fall Family Activities For Kids of All Ages

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