Polarized Glasses for “Polar” Season? Youbetcha!

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**guest post from Dr. Kristel Schamber at Lakes Area Eyecare**

Why exactly are polarized lenses so awesome? We’re glad you asked! There are actually many benefits associated with polarized sunglasses.

Bad Light Out

Probably the greatest benefit to having polarized sunglasses is their non-glare capabilities. The lenses have a special film that neutralizes glare from solid surfaces or water, making objects clearer and easier to see. As a result, harmful UV rays and eyestrain associated with glare are reduced.

Good Light In

Regular tinted sunglasses only reduce the amount of horizontal and vertical light that is transmitted through the lens. Polarized lenses block the harmful horizontal rays and allow the beneficial vertical rays through so you have clear vision, even on the brightest days.

And a bonus is the fact is that quality polarized sunglasses are just as useful in ALL seasons and especially helpful during the winter when the sun tends to really glare off of the white snow.

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Speaking of Making Appointments…

Patients sometimes avoid getting an eye exam because they think it’s just another appointment, worry about the tests involved, or are simply unsure of their vision benefits. Don’t worry! We are here to make your appointment process as stress-free as possible.

Easy Scheduling

We know that patients are busy, especially with so many families that come to our practice. It can be difficult to schedule time out of your day, but we do everything we can to get people in on time and to make sure that your visit is efficient and informative.

Painless Appointments

If you’re worried about getting an eye exam, keep in mind that the procedures we do in a routine eye exam are often painless, or barely uncomfortable. If you haven’t had an eye exam in several years, you may be surprised at how easy it is. If you have changed vision benefits or aren’t sure what’s available, speak to your employer and call our office to discuss your coverage.

Eye exams are the only way to diagnose some eye problems, and to ensure that you’re protecting your vision as much as possible. Call us to schedule an eye exam today, or visit the website for more information!

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