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Blizzards | It’s All About Perspective

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The threat of multiple impending winter storms seems to be promoting sheer panic for those in the southeastern areas of the U.S. while us Northerners are secretly thrilled that the resorts, ski lodges, and the snow-toy dealers will have a banner selling year.

Blizzards are inconvenient, messy and yes…COLD. We can complain bitterly about them for six months of the year, hoping that the latest Messy Bun Hat or fluffy scarf will lift our spirits and help us navigate the snowiest parts of the year. OR, we can stop bucking the inevitable and work on shifting our perspective.

It’s easier if you are a kid because blizzards typically mean Snow Days (no school), play time (sledding), and another chance to attempt that snow fort they’ve always wanted for the 82nd time.

Adults, however, see it differently. Blizzards mean lots of the knee-deep cold stuff that needs to be moved (snowblowers and shovels), Snow Days (no school=daycare expense or lost time from work) and yet a chance to unplug the end of the driveway for the 82nd time since the snow plow just went by again.

OK, feel this; instead of ranting and uttering unacceptable things under our breath about blizzards or heavy snowfall, how about embracing it?

Snow Days can be a pain, but they can also be a blessing. They are days when we may have some unsavory tasks ahead of us, but those tasks are short lived. Here’s where a little perspective adjustment takes place.

Deep snow means snow play…which means your kids are outside; not inside playing Minecraft or Heroes and Generals for hours on end.

And those Snow Days when there’s unexpectedly no school; what a perfect time to join your kids in some down-time and play!

If the weather outside is frightful, make your indoors delightful. Snowed-in times are great days for baking, board game playing, hot cocoa drinking, and memory-making.

Give it a try.

When life hands you lemons, make a lemon snow cone and love every bit of it!

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