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9 Silly Ways to Blow Off Steam and De-Stress

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Stress is, unfortunately, a part of life.

But for parents, those moments of pressure and high-anxiety can be even more frequent; and downright debilitating when it comes to the creative process.

The Internet is packed with unique ways to “blow some steam” and decompress during tense times.

From funny videos to gadgets and relaxation timers designed to help users decompress, the online world is filled with possibly useful, but sometimes extravagant, ways to lower blood pressure and calm down.

But when it comes to effectively relieving stress and tension, the most straightforward ways that have nothing to do with the online world are usually the best.

Here are 9 Silly Ways to Blow off Steam and De-Stress:

Non-Tech Ways to Blow off Steam and De-Stress

1. Silly Putty: Squeezable items like silly putty are a great self-regulation therapy tool that can help facilitate letting go and loosening up while keeping fidgety fingers busy.

2. Bubbles: Cortisol is known as the stress hormone in our bodies. The best way to lower high cortisol levels is simple; breathe. Blowing bubbles is a pleasurable way to help our bodies relax.

3. Fresh Air: Science has proven that fresh air really will do you good. The smell of fresh air and nature can bust stress, clear heads, increase positive moods and allow us to feel rejuvenated.

4. A Feel Good File: This file folder can be home to clippings, pictures, and accomplishments. A few minutes of reviewing achievements or viewing beautiful images will do wonders for unwinding and boosting motivation.

5. Indulge in a Chuckle: Laughter has been found to lower levels of stress hormones, reduce inflammation in the arteries, and increase “good” HDL cholesterol. When you have a dozen pets in the house (like Becky does!) one of the critters is bound to be a cheeseball and bring on the laughter and the smiles.

6. Stay positive: Thinking the worst will happen and dwelling in the drama will do little to solve problems and nothing to reduce stress. Reminding ourselves to keep problems in perspective and cultivating a mindset of “this too shall” pass is a simple way to calm fears and get back on track.

7. Sleep: Some of us don’t need an excuse to nap, but for others, the calming act of a 20-minute snooze is just what our bodies and brains need to rejuvenate our coping mechanisms and clear our muddled heads.

8. Write it Down: According to The Chopra Center, one of the best tools to reduce stress is journaling.
“There are many theories about why journaling helps to reduce stress. According to some researchers, when you have an experience you perceive as stressful and then ignore it or “stuff it”—or obsess and ruminate about it—you activate the stress response in your body and mind. If you write about the experiences instead, you can process what happened, keeping only what serves you and letting go of the rest.” -The Chopra Center

NOTE: A regular journaling practice doesn’t need to be time consuming or cumbersome. If stress is getting the best of you, commit to setting aside a few minutes a day to write away tension. The results will include a reduction in the energy drain on your body and improve sleep.

9. Coffee: Yes, you knew that would make the Up North Parent list! Coffee is a reward, a comfort, an oasis from the pressure and stress of life. And a hot cup of coffee can be your co-pilot when you are enjoying any of the above stress-busters. It’s like the icing on you Decompressing Cake.

Which one will you try today when the going gets tough?

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